You’re everyone’s helper…

… but your heart carries a heavy burden. Life goes on, and your responsibilities continue, yet you secretly want to tap out. You hide your loss, not wanting to create further burdens for those around you.

But in doing so, you find no relief.

You long to rediscover your tenderness and the joy you experience through giving to others…because that is who you really are.

Are you here because
you’re hurting?

Maybe you’ve tried…

  • Putting on your brave face, ignoring that underneath, you feel a little shaky.
  • Talking to a friend, but you didn’t want to complain. So you resign yourself to feeling alone.
  • Scrolling through social media, but it seems like everyone has a perfect life except you. You concluded you aren’t enough.

So then…

You bought a self-help book that taught you, “God helps those who help themselves.” You reinforced you needed to earn everything you received.

And finally …

You found another book that told you, “God never gives you more than you can handle.” So you gave in, believing everything is about what you do, and not who you are.

Oh, Friend….

Your soul does not need more noise, the lies of social media, or mental junk food that embraces cookie-cutter solutions.

Helper Exhaustion is Real

Danielle Grosse in black dress

You need a do-over.

That authentic helper still lives inside of you…

The one who smiles and laughs and

gives because she loves

Your Do-Over is Right Here

I would be honored to be the one who helps you realize,

You aren’t the one responsible for holding everyone together.

As we walk together your heart will begin to heal and you can experience joy on the other side of chaos.

Let’s make a connection as you reignite your passion for helping others.

What you can expect

Danielle will equip you to:

    Listen to others with love to understand their needs

    Address those desires with actions in ways to help them nurture their reliance on God.

    Help someone lean in closer into God instead of letting their problems pull them away from Him.

    What you can expect

    Danielle will equip you to:

      Exchange the perception that a crisis is God’s punishment for the concept it is God’s loving lesson.

      Replace an individual’s fear that God has forgotten them with the understanding He works in their waiting.

      As you focus on the situation, continue to observe God’s hand in the miracles surrounding the two of you.

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