Hello Friend

I feel like I may know you already.

You have the capacity to love immensely and deeply. And you do. You are the one who never looks away from someone else’s pain.

But it can be difficult to see and offer hope when you’re in the trenches with someone hurting so much.

You’re in the right place. As we walk together, you’ll discover how to transform your challenges into help for others in difficult places.

Walking Together

So, are you here because someone you care about is hurting? Are you anxious and confused about how to help them? Do you feel ready internally to help them take the next big step–through a loss, a complicated relationship, or into the unknown–but aren’t sure how?

I understand.

You have your brave face on,

and yet underneath, you feel a little shaky. You may be afraid to talk about your faith with someone you love. It’s easy to think your relationship with Jesus should be private when in reality, it’s personal.

I’ve been there.


I’ve found when I walk with someone who needs encouragement, it is at this point I find meaning and purpose in my own experiences.

In the past, however, I desperately longed for someone to help me along the way with insights, new perspectives, and practical steps to discover the confidence to express the compassion found in faith.

I trust that God has beautiful moments in store for the two of you.

Right now, you may just need someone to guide you from the point of pain to a place of hope.

It would be a joy to come alongside you!

Let’s make a connection as you seek to turn your life experiences into a solid personal ministry for those our Heavenly Father has entrusted to you.


What you can expect

Danielle will equip you to:

    Listen to others with love to understand their needs

    Address those desires with actions in ways to help them nurture their reliance on God.

    Help someone lean in closer into God instead of letting their problems pull them away from Him.

    What you can expect

    Danielle will equip you to:

      Exchange the perception that a crisis is God’s punishment for the concept it is God’s loving lesson.

      Replace an individual’s fear that God has forgotten them with the understanding He works in their waiting.

      As you focus on the situation, continue to observe God’s hand in the miracles surrounding the two of you.

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