A Revolutionary Bridge
When the torrents of unkindness and untruth rage, our faith in Christ provides the power to heal and save.
I stood on the peaceful banks of the River Spey, Scotland’s fastest-moving water source. Bathed in sunshine and fresh air, I found it hard to imagine the Spey’s reputation – wild, turbulent with strong currents and flash floods – potentially very dangerous when it’s a raging torrent.
Sound familiar? On the surface, we may appear tranquil and at peace, but we bubble and brew under our exterior. By mixing the following elements, storm clouds of anger and discouragement begin to build on the horizon. Are they part of your life right now?
Financial Worries
Damaged Relationships
Lack of Control
Fear for our future
We’re all on edge. And then, someone makes a critical comment or says something hurtful. Resentment and anger threaten to take over our gentle hearts and sweet exterior. So how do we find our way back across the turbulent water and embrace who we want to be?
A bridge, but not any standard bridge.
Built in 1814, the Craigellachie Bridge spans the midpoint of the Spey River. The bridge’s unique feature is its long single arch, spanning 150 feet, rising above the river to allow raging floods to pass safely below.
Using the traditional stone masonry would not have been practical, so much lighter cast ironwork was used instead.
Perhaps, it’s easier to turn back to our old ways and grumble. We look for others to take our side. We seek affirmation. We carry the hurt. We lash out.
But our faith in Jesus provides a revolutionary bridge. He promises:
Peace beyond our understanding
Our daily bread
Healed relationships
Tomorrow will take care of itself.
When we rely on Him, we can turn the other cheek to the world. That is the power of faith. It lifts us up and over this raging world, every single storm.

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