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Tell me more about you.



You still believe that authentic helper still lives inside of you…the one who:

smiled and laughed
gave because she loved
tried her best to make a difference.

But You’ve Learned Helper Exhaustion is Real.

Just like you, I’ve been there.

I’ve experienced it…

and for too long, I buried it.

I believed helping meant I had to do it all. And then things went bad…and from bad to worse. In the chaos, I was afraid that life wouldn’t be the same. So I handled the hardest moments alone while everybody assumed I was fine.

That illusion turned to isolation. The isolation became desperation. And I didn’t recognize the person I had become.

But then I heard a small, still voice telling me to pause…that I wasn’t really the one responsible for holding everyone together. I listened. My heart started to heal. I began to experience joy on the other side of chaos. And I learned I was braver than I used to be.


You need a friend who’s willing to walk beside you. One that says, “I’ve been there…and this is how I got through it.”

I’d love to be your person – to guide you and encourage you.

Let’s retire your super-hero cape so you can live the life God designed just for you.