Fix It or Bin It

July 10, 2022

Our guests describe watching TV in the UK as quirky, unique, and perhaps a little bland. Antique enthusiasts, gardeners, and aspiring chefs delight in the constant, varied content on these subjects.
To some, watching furniture restoration may seem like watching paint dry. And yet, The Repair Shop not only shows the process, it tells the story of the family that owns the item. As the antique transforms, the owner’s hearts mend as well.
One episode told the story of a woman with three blue Delft plates. They reminded her of happy times with her mother as they hung on the wall in their kitchen. The trio greeted her each time she made tea as they decorated the wall above the kettle. One of the plates suffered a break. The woman treasured the piece of china and its memories, regardless of its condition. Carefully, lovingly, she wrapped it in a towel and put it away – for 56 years.
Was the item a reminder of love or guilt?
Did she break the plate in anger?
Why did she wait so long to fix it?
As I tried to sort out these answers in my mind, I began to think about the broken things we hang onto. What is our motivation?
This episode of The Repair Shop ended with the expert putting the two halves of the plate together with an undetectable seam. She wept. The years of carrying her burden lifted and joy filled the workroom.
What damage are you carrying? Are you ready to be restored?
The good news is, you don’t need to search for an expert. You already know Him. When it’s time to put that shattered piece of your life back together, gently unwrap it. Start the mending process by taking it to THE ONE WHO ALWAYS RESTORES.
Pray for the right words.
Acknowledge what’s broken.
Address it.
I know, it may not be easy, but repairing a treasured relationship is worth the potential pain.
Seamless at the crack.
No longer hidden.

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