God’s Perfect Paring
Rock and water are nature’s perfect paring. At first glance, the contrast between fluid liquid teeming with life may have little effect on an unyielding mass of minerals. And yet, when they come together, water has the power to cut channels and smooth the edges of rock, as the rock filters the water. Through a consistent, persistent relationship, they create unimaginable beauty.
If you are walking with someone teetering on the path of faith, you may wonder if things will ever change. Sweet Friend, your relationship is God’s perfect paring. He chose you because of your capacity to love with persistence. He chose your loved one because this season will strengthen and filter your faith. As you pray, study scripture, and abide in the promises of God, you are deepening your faith. Cherish this time. Let go of the outcome, because that rescue belongs to Christ alone. The timing is His, but you’re His appointed ambassador. Stay the course. Anticipate the eternal beauty.

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