What you really need right now:
Someone to Guide You

As you took the quiz, you thought, “This is me!”

My helping leaves me feeling constantly exhausted.

When an unexpected crisis happens, I feel like I can’t or shouldn’t ask for help.

Always being “the helper” can feel isolating, even though I’m often with other people.

I want you to know taking this quiz took courage.

Maybe it was simply a diversion on the internet, but I believe you acted on your need for something much more. You’re hoping (and silently) praying that life could be different. You just don’t know how to do it on your own.

What if you had a guide—someone who’s experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly of having the heart of a helper?

What if your guide was …

Willing to walk with you on a journey toward rejuvenation?

Ready to show you a way to sort through the hurt?

Eager to reintroduce you to your signature self?


Now, I’m raising my hand.

I’d be honored to be your guide. That’s what I do.


Let me tell you about one of the women I walk with—

Like you, she raised her hand once too.

She lifted her arm, realizing it was time. Time to admit life had imploded–leaving her with a million shattered pieces–proof that she used to be different.

Like you, she wondered, why is it so hard to be brave?


She waited for someone to notice.  She just wanted to hear them to say:

You’re going to make it


Instead, everyone thought she was back. That she was still the person they relied on– the hand that always raised without hesitation. The person that said, I’ll help

In response, she let her hand fall, pulling her back into the shell she relied on to protect her heart.

          Oh friend, if this is where you are–I’m sorry for the disappointment. 

I too, know what it feels like to ask, When will it ever be about me?  

Only to have life carry on…as if nothing ever happened.

So are you ready? If you are, simply hit that button below and send me a message, “Got it.” I’ll know what you mean…that you are brave and you are ready. It’s just this time, it’s your turn.

I can’t wait to start your journey with you. To tell you, you’re going to make it. And then I promise to help you start to rejuvenate your beautiful Heart of a Helper.

♥ Danielle

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