Love Like a Land-Rover

July 10, 2022

Love Like a Land-Rover
The vintage model Land-Rover stood ready for the bride and groom to exit the Crathie Kirk to begin their new life. Although strong and sturdy, the muted, elegant decorations added a touch of femininity and celebration to its frame. As I walked by the vehicle, I appreciated the couple’s choice, as it said they anticipated a life of adventure. The symbolism spoke to my heart.
Not willing to let the moment pass, I wondered why this 1990’s model captivated my interest. It wasn’t shiny or slick, but it was special. Isn’t that what marriage is intended to look like?
Pause for a minute, and let’s look at the benefits of a couple who can love like a Land -Rover.
1) Maintenance
When there is a bump or a scratch, fix it through forgiveness. “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another as God in Christ forgave you.”
If your perspective begins to feel jaded, change your filter. The world constantly clambers for attention, but when we see things through the eyes of Jesus, we become unselfish and more willing to serve our spouse.
Always run on the top half of your tank. Continue to take time to refuel your relationship. Don’t wait until you feel empty and depleted to have fun together.
2) On the Road
Anticipate pitfalls. Even a life grounded in faith will encounter loss and disappointment. Honestly and empathy help you get on the road to recovery quicker.
Accept detours as a way to learn and mature. Some of the most beautiful views wait in the unexpected. Optimism turns the most trying diversions into journeys of hope.
Seek adventure. Routine may be a source of comfort, but anticipation and joy combine to create moments of awe.
Find rest-stops. Work will always be there. Your phone and computer are merely tools. Put them away. Make your spouse feel like they are the only one in the room. Make meaningful eye contact, listen. Engagement makes others feel like they matter.
3) Memories and Mementos
Celebrate milestones. Know each other so well, gift giving is not a task of obligation. Thoughtful consideration and acknowledgement of a dream inspires and encourages.
Look back at where you traveled, both good and bad. Treasure the moments that made you closer as a couple. Embracing your history helps reduce the fear of what might be ahead.
4) Park in the best garage possible.
Make your home a sanctuary. Every-day lives are filled with criticism and harshness. Leave your mud on the doormat, speaking affirmations and concerns to those you love. Home should be where your heart is most protected.
FOR EVERY JOURNEY: don’t go anywhere without Jesus. His presence in your marriage will make it endure. You have the ability to create a classic marriage. Something many seek, and few discover.

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