I understand you want to make a difference. I do, too.

It’s one of my greatest joys to help individuals rediscover the joy of helping others.

Some days life feels like a tug of war.

Our Burned-out, Stressed-out, Tapped-out side, pulls against our core desire to help others.

The bumps and bruises of life pull even harder against our ability to sustain authentic relationships.

And when we’re pulled in two directions, we decide to give everyone else our best and simply take the leftovers.

However, by discovering a TRUE why, the heart of a helper changes from stretched and overwhelmed to refreshed and overflowing.

It would be a delight to walk alongside your guests, sharing resources and concepts that will help them re-energize their passion for helping others.

You and I both know how powerful personal experiences can be in spurring other on.

I started on this journey because I felt hopelessly inadequate when my mother passed away and my husband had a heart attack three months later. I felt like I was staring at life from the wrong side of a plexiglass barrier. My responsibilities continued, and I believed grief was a luxury.  Eventually, I learned unresolved trauma leads to exhaustion. As my soul threatened to flatline, Jesus wrapped His arms around me and whispered, “It doesn’t have to be this way.”  By discovering an Internal Guidance System, I learned to say “no” to the business of life and “yes” to the meaningful.

This is my passion. I speak humbly and sincerely, leaving audiences with the feeling they just had coffee with a close friend who was able to give them insight.

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Event Testimonials

Portion from a letter from Gunnison MOPS Mentor

I am a mentor for the Gunnison Colorado chapter of MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers). Recently we had the great privilege of having Danielle Grosse do a presentation for our group. We were very impressed with Danielle for a handful of reasons.

  1. She was professional.
  2. She was personable.
  3. She gifted us with some mementos to help us remember her main points.
  4. She is a dynamic speaker. She is articulate, gives great eye contact, has a great rhythm, and doesn’t get flustered when things don’t go according to plan.
  5. She is an amazing storyteller.
  6. She is a wealth of inspiration.

At our leadership meeting we all agreed that this program was definitely a highlight for our year!

I would highly recommend Danielle to anyone who is looking for an inspirational message. We were greatly blessed by her talk and hope to have the chance to hear her speak again.

Kelly Osness
Gunnison MOPS Mentor

You work hard. I want to make sure you don’t have to work harder than you need to.

So, here’s what you can expect from me if I am given the opportunity to be your guest speaker.

» I will serve you and your community with humility and kindness.

» I will communicate with you and your team with clear and timely responses. You will receive prompt, courteous replies to your phone calls and email messages.

» I will honor your deadlines.

» I will pray daily for your event and guests, as well as you and your staff.

» I will prepare a professional presentation that meets your objectives and the unique need of your guests.

» I will fully engage with event planners during the course of the event.

» I will provide a free follow-up webinar to any of your guests six weeks after your event.

You and I both believe there is someone, seeking, waiting, praying to hear the right words of encouragement at your event.  I hope you will give me the opportunity to speak to her.