Hello friend,

I understand you want to make a difference. I do, too.

It’s one of my greatest joys to help individuals discover they can become a compassionate voice of faith.

People want to turn life their experiences into a solid personal ministry, but aren’t quite sure how to actually do it.  I understand it might not be easy to find the right words, especially with someone teetering towards the path of unbelief. However, bringing God’s Word to life can change from intimidating to empowering, when we recognize the steps Our Heavenly Father provides to guide us.

It would be a delight to walk alongside your guests, sharing resources and concepts that will help them find the confidence to share their faith—contrasting the bumps and bruises of life with the benefits of an intimate relationship with Jesus.

You and I both know how powerful personal experiences can be in spurring other on.

I started on this journey because I felt hopelessly inadequate when my dad announced from his ICU bed that he did not want a Christian funeral. God set in motion a miraculous plan and Jesus wrapped His arms around him before he passed away. When I stood in the cemetery four months later, I made a commitment to help others find their voice and speak up for their faith.

This is my passion. I speak humbly and sincerely, leaving audiences with the feeling they just had coffee with a close friend who was able to give them insight.

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You work hard. I want to make sure you don’t have to work harder than you need to.

So, here’s what you can expect from me if I am given the opportunity to be your guest speaker.

» I will serve you and your community with humility and kindness.

» I will communicate with you and your team with clear and timely responses. You will receive prompt, courteous replies to your phone calls and email messages.

» I will honor your deadlines.

» I will pray daily for your event and guests, as well as you and your staff.

» I will prepare a professional presentation that meets your objectives and the unique need of your guests.

» I will fully engage with event planners during the course of the event.

» I will provide a free follow-up webinar to any of your guests six weeks after your event.

You and I both believe there is someone, seeking, waiting, praying to hear the right words of encouragement at your event.  I hope you will give me the opportunity to speak to her.