The Umbrella of Faith

January 20, 2021

Have you ever felt compelled to share an umbrella with someone? It isn’t always the most comfortable situation. Maybe it’s because I take people touring in Scotland, but it seems like I spend a lot of time in the rain with other individuals who may have neglected to grab that little unit of protection only to discover its importance in the middle of a shower.

It usually unfolds like this, I am walking in the rain repeating cute Pinterest sayings in my mind about rain… “When life gives you a rainy day, play in the puddles.”, “Rain is just confetti from the sky!”, “She acts like summer and walks like rain.” And so on.

In the middle of this private moment invariably, I peer out of the leading edge of my umbrella only to find someone else who needs one. “Here, let’s share!” I quickly invite. The other individual usually contemplates for a second before saying, “Are you sure?!” “Yes!” is my answer, which is punctuated with hand motions waving them into my space. After the invitation is when things begin to get awkward.

Sharing an umbrella is a bit like a three-legged race with someone you don’t know. So many questions! Who holds the umbrella handle? What angle should said item be held at in order to prevent the dreaded inversion due to wind? Do we lead off with our right foot, matching each other’s stride? What happens when the umbrella feels a little too small? Do I need a mint?

As these questions are answered and we walk together, something remarkable happens. There is a moment of closeness and familiarity that forms a companionship as we navigate the puddles and the rain together.

How many times have I needed that umbrella of faith extended over me to help me get through a situation? How often have I walked with someone, only to have them turn around and walk with me in times of brokenness? Are you walking alone? Do you know someone who could use a travel companion who will walk with them?

As we begin our journey together under the umbrella of faith, we hope you find a place of solace from your storms. In a puddle of uncertainty, our greatest step out of it, is to grasp the hand of our fellow companions and the righteous right hand of Jesus Christ. Let’s walk this world together, enjoying the stops along the way, and have some great conversations from the back of our tour bus!

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