You’re the One…

Who seems to hold it all together.
The glue
The hub of the wheel
The helper.

But then…something happened.

And now you’re the one falling apart. (In secret, of course.)
You’re trying to figure out…


But your people rely on you.

You’re still expected …

… to fix things
… to have a back up plan
… and to make the world go ‘round.

Your needs — which disappear under your responsibilities — are quickly erased.

After all, your identity has always been more about WHAT you DO
than WHO you ARE.

You don’t know where to turn. So you…

Get over-involved
And now, you feel undervalued.

You keep pushing through the pain, but your sharp edges hurt those you intend to help.

You keep pushing through the pain, but your sharp edges hurt those you intend to help.

You want
a do-over.

That authentic helper still lives inside of you…the one who

 smiled and laughed
gave because she loved
tried her best to make a difference.

Your do-over is right here.

Introducing the

“From Tapped Out to Tuned In – Discovering Your TRUE Why”
6-week Pilot Program

What if you could

Connect to your never-ending source of comfort

Discover how to define and express your boundaries (without guilt!)

Gain support from fellow helpers who are in your corner

Remain calm and centered as you care for those who need you


Reigniting your passion for helping others.

“This course truly helps restore your heart while at the same time givings you strength! Each weekly session and video is self-paced, which I love! Danielle has a passion to help and encourage others, and through this course it becomes very clear that her passion has become her calling!”

Deborah K. Moore

Director P.E.A.R.L.S. of Promise Education Foundation

Helper Exhaustion

I’ve felt it…

I’ve experienced it…

and for too long, I’ve buried it.

I believed helping meant I had to do it all. And then things went bad…and from bad to worse. In the chaos, I was afraid that life wouldn’t be the same. So I handled the hardest moments alone while everybody assumed I was fine.

That illusion turned to isolation. The isolation became desperation. And I didn’t recognize the person I had become.

But then I heard a small, still voice telling me to pause…that I wasn’t really the one responsible for holding everyone together. I listened. My heart started to heal. I began to experience joy on the other side of chaos. And I learned I was braver than I used to be.

I discovered a life…

Filled with richer relationships

In tune with God’s direction

Grounded in love

And then, my helping became more…




Something tells me you want to make a change, too– but it’s scary to try it alone.

If you’re suffering from helper exhaustion, I’d love to share a guidance system with you that shows you how to re-energize and say “yes” to your TRUE why.

Would you like to find that friend who’s willing to walk beside you? One that says, “I’ve been there…and this is how I got through it.”?

I’d love to be your person – to guide you and encourage you.


Let’s retire your super-hero cape so you can live the life God designed just for you.

Are you ready to start your do-over?

The Heart of a Helper –
From Tapped Out to Tuned In
Discover Your TRUE Why

• A six week course.

• Each weekly module includes a teaching video and a midweek article of encouragement.

• You’ll also receive a short — yet highly practical — weekly Reflection & Application Journal that will help you respond with new ideas and personalize useful concepts.

• And…I’ll send you a copy of your very own “Internal Guidance System.”

• Plus, you’ll have access to the exclusive “Heart of a Helper” Facebook Group, where you can connect with other helpers in a growth-minded community.

• When you complete the course, you’ll receive a special gift from me.

What’s My Investment?

I’d love to have you join us.

Right now, you may just need someone to guide your next steps towards a new helper identity. Let’s make that connection so you can begin to recover from Helper Exhaustion and discover your TRUE why.

“Identify your best way to help others through Danielle’s guidance, wisdom, and Biblical truths. She has the heart and experience of being a true helper.”

Shannan Cloud 

M.A. Theology, Former Missionary to Bolivia & Guatemala

A Look Inside

Week 1

“What Just Happened?” Set Your Baseline 

Week 2

“What Do I Take With Me?”
How God Works With You During Defining Moments

Week 3

“When Do I Say Yes?”
The Easy Evaluation Guide 

Week 4

“When Do I Say No?”
One Word That Will Let You Set Boundaries Without Guilt

Week 5

“How Do I Refuel?”
A Simple Practice To Fill You Back Up

Week 6

“Who Am I Now?”
Celebrating Your New Helper Identity

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this one of those "things have to get worse before they get better" kind of things?

I get it.  It’s not easy looking below the surface.  

And yet, maybe life is harder than you think right now.  

Wouldn’t it be easier to take off your brave face, recognize what needs to change, and feel free?

(Once you’re done, it’s a bit like taking off a pair of tights, twirling them over your head, and screaming “freedom!”.)

I am already over- committed. How will I find the time to do the exercises?

If you feel like every morning you triage your “to do” list based on impending doom, your needs probably end up at the bottom of the page. 

This is an opportunity to prioritize some time to learn to let go of the busy, busy, busy, and tune into where you are needed most.

The modules are designed with time management in mind.   

The teaching videos are short and the exercises can be accomplished in less than half an hour.

Will this really make a difference?

Discovering your True why will help you establish a guidance system that will allow you to say “no” to the tasks that will overwhelm you and say “yes” to the things that will fulfill you.

Are you ready to discover your TRUE why?

You could continue to …

let your obligations dictate how you live.

search for shortcuts that take you nowhere.

let the anxiety of pleasing others hijack your happiness.

bubble with resentment as you wait your turn.


You can…

turn off autopilot and bring more intention to your everyday life.

allow your TRUE why to guide and inspire how you care for others.

rediscover the authentic helper inside you…the one who smiles and laughs, and gives because she loves.

Let’s make that connection so you can begin to recover from Helper Exhaustion and discover your TRUE why.

“Discover what really matters. Grow. Refuel. This course will help you tune in to the best parts of yourself.  Danielle goes beyond explaining with words; she gives you a vision so you can see where you are and how to get to where you want to be.”

Amy Engleman

Retired Colorado State Patrol Officer

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What’s My Investment?

I’d love to have you join us.

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